There’s no place like home, and there’s no place like Central Bark when you’re away!

At Central Bark, we do our best to make sure your dog is as comfortable and happy as possible during their stay. There are many different overnight options for your dog. Whether you are looking for cage free boarding, a homey-type feel, or you are looking for a luxury private suite for your dog, Central Bark has it all!

We have Three Options for your dogs stays

Take-Home Boarding

During the day, your dog will be joined in our daycare, playing with friends, going on walks, taking naps, eating, & having an all out good time. During the evening, we will bring your dog to our own home, where we will feed them their dinner, and put them to bed– either with us in our own bed, or in a kennel, or in a bed beside us. Our home is located 2 minutes from Central Bark, just on Telfer street. We have renovated our basement space to have its own full doggie daycare space, where the dogs are free to run & play. As well as a full backyard where the dogs can be let out every couple of hours. This option is best for dogs who do not do well in large facilities, are not fond of other dogs, or just overall would prefer a more homey-environment.

Cage Free Boarding

The best option for our regular daycare members, or dogs who are highly social. Cage free boarding allows dogs to sleep together as a pack, allowing them to pick and choose who they want to cuddle up with for the night. If they also prefer to sleep alone, they still have the freedom to find a solo spot. This option is also great for dogs who are the only pet, learning how to socialize with other animals. This option still includes daycare for the day.

Private Luxury Suite Boarding

The day is the same, where your dog will be joined in in daycare, going for walks, having a great time. At night, they will be put to be in their own private luxury suite, with their own bed, and privacy where they can be undisturbed. For overly anxious dogs, or the more antisocial pups, having a quiet place to themselves can help calm their nerves.

If you choose one option, but we find your dog might be better off with a different option, we are glad to switch over with your permission. So if you choose Cage-Free and your dog isn’t enjoying it, we have no problem moving them into a private suite for the night. Or, if they simply aren’t adjusting to the shop environment– we can take them home with us. Your dogs safety is our number one priority and we always use our best judgement in making your dog as comfortable and happy as possible during their stay! We are also incredibly accommodating to each individual owners and dogs’ needs. Just let us know if you would like a different arrangement for your pooch and we will always try our best to accommodate.

Overnight Staff. Complete Surveillance.

We have complete surveillance of the entire facility, so all dogs will be closely monitored at all times from our homes, as well as will we will have an overnight staff with them. They will get an evening walk before they are put to bed at 9pm, and then woken up at 7am to start their fun day in daycare!
  • R1-6 nights $45 + GST
  • R7+nights $39 + GST
  • R14+nights $35 + GST
  • RFor additional dogs $32 + GST
  • RTake home Boarding 1-14 nights: $45+ GST
  • RTake home Boarding 14-30 nights $40+GST

*Includes all bedding, bowls, and a full day of daycare and socialization!

***It is highly recommended that boarding guests bring their own food in order to avoid any upset stomach issues and to make each guest feel at home. House food is available upon request.***

Drop off & pick up times can be anytime between our opening hours.

You will need to fill out a Membership Form as well as a Standard Release Form and provide proof of vaccinations.

Homecoming Baths are available at additional cost, or FREE with stays of 3+ nights!

If you would like to become a Central Bark Member and book an appointment online, please click below and create an account with us!