Central Bark | Boarding
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Theres no place like home, and there's no place like Central Bark when you're away!

At Central Bark, our goal is to make your dog feel as close to home as possible. There are many different opens for your dogs to stay.  Whether you are looking for basic boarding in a safe, fun and loving environment or you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation for your dog, Central Bark is the perfect place!


During the day, your dog will be joined in our daycare, playing with friends, going on walks, taking naps, eating, & having an all out good time. At night, they can be kennelled or given free roam of one of the large rooms with a bed (depending on capacity). We have 4 different HD cameras with sound set up around the facility so all dogs will be closely monitored at all times from our homes. They will get an evening walk before they are put to bed at 9pm, and then woken up at 7am to start their fun day in daycare! The videos stream right to all of our staffs phones, to guarantee your dog will always be safe for the night. If for whatever reason your dog looks stressed out, and is not handling being alone well, we will stay with them over night.


In situations with over 4 boarding dogs/per night, we will have a night staff who stays with them as well. Otherwise, we are only 2 minutes away, just down the street.

Your dogs safety is our number one priority and we always use our best judgement in making your dog as comfortable and happy as possible during their stay! We are also incredibly accommodating to each individual owners and dogs’ needs. Just let us know if you would like a different arrangement for your pooch and we will always try our best to accommodate.

**We are now also offering the option of having one of our staff members take your pup to their home for the night. Please give us a call for more information.**

• 1-6 nights $45 + GST

• 7+nights $39 + GST

• For additional dogs $32 + GST


*Includes bedding, bowls, and a full day of daycare and socialization!

***It is highly recommended that boarding guests bring their own food in order to avoid any upset stomach issues and to make each guest feel at home. House food is available upon request.***


Homecoming Baths are available at additional cost. Come home to a clean pup!

• $50 for large dogs

• $25 for small dogs

• FREE with stays of 3+ nights!



Drop-off MondayFriday 7:00AM to 6:00PM, Saturday, 10:00AM to 6:00PM, Sunday 8am to noon.

Pick-up Monday – Sunday 7:00am till noon. Late pick ups are $5 per hour, up to a maximum of $25.


You will need to fill out a Membership Form as well as a Standard Release Form and provide proof of vaccinations. Book online today at https://centralbarkwpg.propetware.com